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Membership Benefits  

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  • Access to compiled lists of variety numbers for soybeans AND corn

    • If you find a variety that is sold by another company but is $5/unit cheaper, on 1,000 units of seed, you just saved $5,000 dollars in one year.

    • Avoid planting the same bean from two different companies BEFORE the seed shows up on your farm. Make sure that you've got genetic diversity.

    • What if you run out of your favorite variety and your dealer doesn't have any more on hand? Or what if your dealer's company discontinues your favorite brand? Find out who sells the same variety in a different bag!!

    • Encourage others to sign up and contribute seed tags as well. This way all members benefit. All seed tag submissions are anonymous.

  • Access to THE most comprehensive third-party yield trial data summary for soybeans 0.01 to <0.6 maturity beans, <90 day corn AND Hard Red Spring Wheat!

  • Read easy to understand yield trial summaries so that you can choose the best yielding varieties.

    • If you pick a variety that is 2 bu/ac better over 1,000 acres, that’s 2,000 more bushels of beans. At $8/bushel that’s a $16,000 savings.

    • Saves you the hassle of having to look through individual yield and IDC trial tables to distill information. We do this for you!

    • This is a systematic method for evaluating varieties BEFORE you test them in your fields.

  • Identify top IDC varieties compiled across 8 years, not just one year!

  • Access a detailed list of all available soybean varieties for sale in 2019.

    • You don’t have to surf around the web looking for your brand!

    • Compare brands on Phytophthora genetics, nematode resistance and more!

  • No requirement to share any personal data or yield maps.

  • Very low cost of membership ($100-$150).

  • Most data is easily accessible on any mobile device.

    • If you have a seed tag in hand this spring while filling your planter and are wondering what other brands might be the same, just whip out your phone!

    • mobile site not fully configured for 'Safari' or 'Samsung Internet' browsers. (Google Chrome appears to work the best)

  • Click HERE to sign up now!

  • If you still have questions about the site/data, see our FAQ page here.

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