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We're focused on generating new knowledge based on the data that exists all around us! Sometimes just re-arranging or compiling data in a new way can lead to new information, new insights and clearer understanding.


RRFN Radio Interview - Garth Kruger
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Check out our work highlighted by AgWeek! 

Farmer-researcher's seed analysis provides valuable insights | Agweek

WARREN, Minn. — It sometimes feels like you could use a friend with a PhD to help you sort your soybean, corn and wheat seed varieties for how they’ll work on your farm. If you’re any more ...

SoyZ_Analytics: Variety Selection and Cross Reference  
  • Variety number cross reference list (from seed tags) 

  • 2023 top variety picks by overall yield AND by IDC ratings.

  • Comprehensive list of Iron Deficiency Chlorosis scores (IDC)!


​All data used in the SoyZ database are derived from third-party varietal trials. No seed company trials are represented.

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CornZ_Analytics: Variety Selection and Cross Reference

  2022/23 Updates Complete!

  • Take a look at our newest video highlighting yield trial results!

  • Variety number cross reference list (from seed tags)


All yield data used in the CornZ database are derived from university and other third-party varietal trials.


WheatZ_Analytics: Variety Selection 


  • 1,800 data points on yield were aggregated and covers 63 varieties spanning 2013 to 2019.


All yield data are derived from university and other third-party varietal trials.

Northwest Minnesota On-Farm Research Network

THE ON-FARM RESEARCH NETWORK perfectly embodies the application of robust datasets in real-world environments with direct and measurable results.


The group is an amalgamation of farmers, agronomists, university researchers and field specialists that gathers to share ideas and contribute to a local information database for growers in the Red River Valley. Participants get to learn more about how to conduct their own research get help with field design, data analysis, and results interpretation. Check it out here!


It doesn't get much better than testing out ideas, products, etc. in the real world in your own field to find out what happens! We've been there since the beginning. Check out this exciting group on Facebook!


Study Findings (2016)


Does Split Applying Nitrogen in Spring Wheat Increase Yields or Protein and is It Cost Effective?- pdf


To What Extent Does Sulfur and Ammonium Sulfate Impact Soybean Yields and When Does it Work Best? – pdf


Does Blending Poly Coated and Non Coated Urea Improve Yields or Protein and Is It Cost Effective – pdf

Public Health Services


WE HAVE REAMS OF PUBLIC HEALTH DATA at EvaluationGroup because we've been deeply invested in working to improve the health of area residents using the latest data and informatics tools available. We live and work in the region and so have a vested stake in health of our neighbors and friends.


In fact, we've been so involved that we've dedicated a whole webpage for documenting and displaying the collection of all the data, reports and recommendations we've prepared. We are also working on including a newly developed meta-analysis review of our past 13 years of work in the region. Check out our work in public health here!!


Warren-Alvarado-Oslo School District

FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS we have been working with WAO to conduct and evaluation of their Safe and Drug Free Schools and communities efforts. We have gathered substantial amounts of data including: community needs assessments; teacher, administrator and student interviews; Minnesota Student Survey data; and a customized replicated school-based suvery taken every year.


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